SAMSUNG Virus Doctor SA604 / SA-C600 Air Purifier

SAMSUNG Virus Doctor SA604 / SA-C600 Air Purifier

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Samsung Virus Doctor is the innovative and best ioniser existing which is
introduced of S-Plasma ion technology inside. Owing to Samsung's up-
to-date air care technology, it enhances consumers’ well-being reliably.
Samsung Virus Doctor is also a pleasant addition that complements any
interior furnishing, featuring a simple yet luxurious design with touch
buttons and lighting.

Protecting against Airborne Viruses

Samsung Virus Doctor is the appropriate way to protect ourselves against airborne diseases, defeating the cause of airborne diseases effectively. Besides, BAF (British Allergy Foundation) has approved S-Plasma ion’s effectiveness eliminating of allergens. Keep the air you breathe clean and healthy with Samsung Virus Doctor.

Eliminating Viruses

Samsung Virus Doctor eliminates harmful viruses which cause of serious airborne diseases such as Influenza A, subtype H1N1 and even SARS. Many academic research organisations have proven the superior effectiveness up to 99.9% of S-plasma ion. Now you can feel perfectly safe about invisible tiny enemies in the air.

Neutralizing active oxygen radicals

OH-radical can cause aging and skin diseases. According to the study by Hiroshima University, the active oxygen concentration level gets decreased significantly by the S-Plasma ion generating active hydrogen atom (H) which reacts to the active oxygen (OH-radical) to form a water molecule.

S-Plasma ion technology

S-Plasma ion technology generates negative(-) ions only which have functions to eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria fungi, mold and allergens as well as neutralise the harmful active oxygen (OH Radical) for cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

Simple Smart Design

At any place, Samsung Virus Doctor offers finest design with varied colour options. Three major design award have verified its aesthetic value highly. You can see that the simple and neat looking itself coordinates with any places giving a visual delight.

Intuitive Interface

Another forte of Samsung Virus Doctor is its own intuitive interface so you do not have to learn how to use it by reading manuals overnight. Only with a slight touch, it immediately starts to work for your healthier atmosphere.

Tired of changing filters? You are free from filter replacement with Samsung Virus Doctor. It has its own brush to clean up the filter inside. Enjoy freedom from cleaning and replacement costs!