SAMSUNG Digtal Door lock EZON SHS-1320 / SHS-1321

SAMSUNG Digtal Door lock EZON SHS-1320 / SHS-1321

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SAMSUNG Digtal Door lock EZON SHS-1320 / SHS-1321


Includes installation(English)




Number Combination 4~12 digits number combination

User Capacity (Maximum Registration) 20 RF Cards, 1 Admin/ Access Password

Card Type RFID Mifare (ISO 14443A/13.56MHz RF chip)

Dimension Outer body: 65.2x170.5x22.5mm (WxHxD)

Inner body : 182x90x86mm (WxHxD)

Applicable Door Depth 38~60mm (Please double check)

Material Zinc Aluminum, ABS Plastic

Color Black / Silver

Humidity 20%~80%

Power DC6V (Alkaline AA, Battery 8pcs)

Duration (Battery) Approx. 10 months, 10 times open/close per day




 Enhanced Feature

Slim, digital keypad for your convenience / Does not require opening 

and closing of keypad cover.

Special high-gloss coating / It has a slick lustrous and graceful frame and number pad.

Digital Wave back-lighting / On-off method with back lighting is very sensitive and fantastic for your enjoyment.

Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) prevention / Uses a circuit technology that can withstand high voltage eletrostatic shocks for

enhanced security.

Double-locking(Do not disturb mode) / Ensures that the lock cannot be released from outside when this feature is activated. 

Manual lock and open / Adjust a manual knob on the indoor unit to open and lock the door. 

Emergency external battery terminal

KS and KPS certified / Complies with quality and safety standard tests