PROVIA P200 Season2 Car Black Box Video Recorder

PROVIA P200 Season2 Car Black Box Video Recorder

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New Car BlackboxProvia P200Ⅱ 2M 120° wide angle Motion Detect / Free Shipping!



The Drive recorder breaks into 2 million pixels of classes at last, too.

Regular recording function, shock detective recording function (G sensor incorporation)

By the motion detective function deployment, I cope with moving body detection.

It is with a built-in LED and can confirm a recording state.

Voice recording correspondence. Angle adjustment is possible by an adjustment screw design.

I cope to MicroSD 2GB - 16GB.

This product is a GPS non-deployment model.


Ten thousand motion perception /200 pixel /120 ° angle of field / wide picture /CCTV/TV output / backup power supply function



・Of the price range top-class high-resolution (2 million pixels of (※)))

・I divide data every two minutes, and the regular record records it after power supply injection

・The G sensor deployment

・I save it after moving body detection for from one second to 20 seconds

・Top and bottom right and left are wide and cover it in an angle of view of 120 degrees

・Adjustment screw angle adjustment is possible

・Recording start immediate in power supply on

・There is power supply ON/OFF switch

・I automatically record it at the time of the accidents such as collisions for ten seconds before accident outbreak and ten seconds just after the outbreak

・Voice recording correspondence

・Picture output possibility (I need a picture output cable separately)

・Main body light weight design

・Large-capacity MicroSD card correspondence (I support it to 16GB)




・The main body

・Japanese operation manual


・Conversion adapter  

・Clip for cable fixation

・Power supply cable






■The Input power supply DC5V


Maximum consumption electricity 170mA 

Operating temperature -20 degrees Celsius - 60 degrees Celsius  

2 million pixels of number of the pixels CMOS


3 G sensor axis (X,Y,Z)  

Angle of field 120 degrees  

Recording picture 720 X 480,MAX13.5fps,Mpeg4 

Recording medium MicroSD(2GB~16GB) 

Sound AAC Audio


Outside output TV out


Dimensions 52(H) X 52(V) X 22(D)mm 

49 g in weight