NIKE SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom
  • NIKE SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom

NIKE SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom

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The Nike + SportWatch GPS is the first GPS running watch to be released by the multinational sports giant, and is quite possibly the most stylish and easy to use GPS running watch on the market.


Easy Set-Up – Change any setting from your computer

Unlike other GPS running watches, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS can be set up with as little as three clicks of a mouse. Instead of fiddling around with the watch buttons every time you want to change a workout, user or setting, you can connect the watch up to your computer (using the hidden USB connector in the wrist strap) and can change any of the custom settings in seconds.

When you first plug the watch into your computer using either the hidden USB plug on the watch strap or the supplied usb cable you are taken to the Nike+ running portal. Here you are prompted to download a small program that allows you to change the various  settings from your Mac or PC and also upload any of your runs to the Nike + online running community. The download size is tiny, the program installs in seconds and you don’t have to restart your computer, meaning you can be ready to run in seconds.

When setting up the watch for the first time you are first asked for your weight, sex and preferred units. You then have the option to set more advanced features such as intervals, automatic laps and the combination of different statistics that you want to be displayed on the watch when you are running. All of these selections are optional and after the first three choice you are ready to run.

First Run – Ready to run in two clicks

Nike have  made recording runs easy with the SportWatch GPS. Holding the main green button for three seconds tells the watch that you are ready to run. It then starts searching for any compatible heart rate monitor or Nike foot pod (supplied in the box) within range and if it finds any sensor it was automatically pair with the device for the duration of your run.


If you don’t have  a Nike Foot Pod or Polar Heart Rate monitor then you can run with just the watch unit itself and you will still be able to track a wide variety of important training statistics. Having a Heart Rate monitor is obviously essential if you want to be able to track and record your current heart rate, but you can still use the Nike+ SportWatch GPS without one. The Foot Pod is also optional but the benefit of having one of these installed into your trainer is that in the event you lose GPS signal when out running, the watch will automatically continue to keep track of your Pace, Distance and Calories using the foot pod for seamless recording.

Nike+ SportsWatch GPS Pairing with the Foot Pod

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Pairing with the Foot Pod

If you are outdoors then the watch usually locates a GPS signal within seconds and starts counting down the seconds automatically. If you wish to pause your training then you simply click the green button to pause and then hit it again to resume your workout. If you start running before the watch has located a GPS signal then the Food Pod will kick in and will record all of your statistics until a GPS signal is found.

Easily Set-Up Advanced Runs and Interval Sessions.

Using the PC or Mac based Nike Running program you can easily set up advanced interval workouts before you run. You can set the time or distance of each interval and the amount of recovery time allowed as well as setting the number of reps.

This is a great way to structure those all important interval training workouts as the last thing you want to be doing is trying to remember what rep or what distance you are on when you are part way through a tough interval session.

Auto -Lap

A very useful feature of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is the auto lap feature. Although Auto Lap appears  on many other GPS watches, it is an important feature as it lets you keep track of your individual lap performance throughout a race or training session.

You can set the watch to lap at a specific time or distance interval (the most common distance being either a mile or a kilometre). Using the inbuilt TomTom GPS sensor, the watch identifies when you have run the required lap distance and automatically starts a new lap. You are shown a summary of your last lap’s performance before the watch settles down and continues to show your current lap’s details.

This is a great feature for race day as you can keep track of your performance lap by lap and therefore it is much easier to see if you are keeping to your target pace.

You can also set the Watch to lap evey time you tap the watch. This takes some getting used to as it feels very strange not having to press a button, but a reassuring chime sounds to conform that a new lap has started.

Calorie Counter

A very important metric for any runner is the calorie counter. Ultra marathon runners and part time joggers alike need to keep track of how many calories a run is burning to either calculate the amount of food they need to take on board to carry on training or to see how many calories they have burned for weight loss purposes.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS watch uses your body weight, pace and distance to calculate how many calories you have burned during your run – allowing you to train towards calorie goals as well as time and distance goals.

Tap Functionality

Any sports watch worth its metal needs a decent back light to enable runners to train in poor light conditions. The Nike GPS watch goes one step further and provides a high power back light with tap activation technology. Instead of holding a button down for an inordinate amount of time like some watches, all it takes to turn on the lights with the Nike GPS watch is a simple tap of the screen. This then activates the light for about ten seconds which is more than ample time for you to check your stats, even when running at speed.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Using a Polar heart rate monitor you can track and record your heart rate on any of your runs. The watch pairs with the heart rate monitor in seconds and then displays your current heart rate when in training mode.

Polar WearLink+ 31 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar WearLink+ 31 Heart Rate Monitor

Running with the Nike+ SportWatch GPS

When we were field testing the Nike+ SportWatch GPS watch we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to run with.

After the initial setup the watch started to cycle through all of the different statistics that we has specified before the run such as calories, heart rate and pace without a problem and if we wanted to double check a particular metric then we just selected it using the two navigation buttons.

As we set the watch up to Auto-lap after every mile, it chimed to let us know that we has reached the end of a mile and then showed us a summary of the past lap before continuing to record the next lap.

As we have run with GPS watches before we know exactly how far each of our usual running routes is and can count off the miles along each route using various landmarks. The GPS sensor didn’t notify us that it had dropped the signal at any point and it was within 0.1 of the correct distance when we finished our trial run – we would expect nothing less of a TomTom powered device!

The watch was comfortable to wear and not to heavy or bulky like some of the other watches that we have tested which is great news for anyone that really doesn’t like the look or the size of the Garmin Forerunners or the Timex Watches.