iNAVI Black Clair

iNAVI Black Clair 8G / 16G - HD Car Black Box Drive Recorder / Vehicle DVR Camera

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iNavi Black Clair Spec 

Summary of product features

- 1280*720 of HD high-definition resolusion
- Image sensor of 2.0 megapixel
- Viewing angle of 146 degree at maximum, recording function of maximum 30 frame per second
- Vivid normal-recording
- Event recording function that saves accident video safely, and facilitates checking
- Convenient hand-operated recording that enables you to choose the scene and record directly
- Parking recording that observes moving and impact while parking
- Voice recordking function
- Built-in battery
- Uses Micro SD that is easy to extense and move

High-definition HD resolusion of 1280*720

Supports High-definition HD resolusion of 1280*720 HD,
provides most powerful Real HD screen among the blackbox.


Image sensor of 2.0 megapixel

Using image sensor of 2.0 megapixel and highly efficient lense,
realizes best primium picture.


* Always records primium-class picture night and day.
You can see day and night picture clearly with i-navi Black Clear.

Records 146 degree of viewing angle, and 30 frame/s at most.

Using 146 degree of viewing angle(fixed 15 frame standard), shoots wide image 
for the accurate record of accident.
Provides 30 frame/s recording for good image streaming.


Lively normal-time recording

While driving, makes all image consecutively into 1 minute video file,
and saves in normal-time recording folder.
Saved as AVI file, you can check the record video and share it without any file translation.
When the storage space is full, auto-deleting system starts.
(from old video file to recent one)


Event(impact) recording that saves accident video and enables checking of the video

If exterior knock occurs by an accident, detects it with 3 spindle acceleration sensor,
and saves the video by the time in event(impact) recording folder.
Then it saves 10 seconds before and after by the impact(20seconds) automatically.


Convenient manual recording

When you want to record something specialy, 
just click the manual recording button on the back of the product.
Then it saves 10 seconds before and after by the time 
you click it(20seconds) in manual recording folder.


Parking recording guards moves and impacts while parking

Records the video of car damage.
Detects the impacts and moves of forward, saving as video file while parking.


* Should buy the normal-time power device seperately and connect it to the product.

Voice recording function

With a microphone built in the product, records the voice that helps analyzing of accident.
Records the sound at the area that is not seen in video screen.

Use of built-in battery

In case of sudden power shut-off by accident, saves the video of that time safely.

Use of Micro SD memory easy to extense and move

Using exterior Micro SD memory, 
you can check the video easily with just seperating the memory only.

Check the record video.

Record video saved as AVI file format, 
you can check the video without any file translation.

Stable and stylish design

With smooth bodyline and substantial structure, has stable appearance.


Easy install and use

Turn the car ignition off and install the switched-off blackbox.

1. Clean the part that blackbox will be attached.
2. Take off the product's double-sided tape.
3. Adhere it at the back of room mirror or at the right side of driver's seat and adjust the direction of blackbox head to be horizontal.
4. Connect the DC 12V Cigar Jack and arrange the cable.
5. Start the car and turn on the blackbox's power switch.

* Once you turn on the power button, blackbox will work automatically.

Specifications and components

Size : 91(W) * 63(H) * 44(D) mm
Weight : 98g

Contents : Main, Power cable(4m), Double-sided tape(2 pieces), Cable arragement tool(3 pieces), Micro SD memory(8GB),Micro SD adapter, Manual in Korean 


  • Most of our electronics items are Free-voltage. But the power plug shape can be different because it's made in Korea.