COWON Auto Capsule AD1 8GB / 2CH Car Video Black Box Camera Recorder

COWON Auto Capsule AD1 8GB / 16GB, 2CH Car Video Black Box Camera Recorder

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COWON Auto Capsule AD1 / 2CH Car Video Driving Recorder

COWON Auto Capsule AD1 / 2CH Car Video Driving Recorder

  • 1280x720p Ultra-High Definition Real-Time Video Recording
  • Two megapixels CMOS image sensor camera
  • Up to 150 degrees of angle of view
  • 16:9 Wide View
  • 2-Channel Front-to-Back Recording
  • Various recording modes (Continuous Recording / Event Recording / Manual Recording / Parking Recording)
  • Sensory capsule design
  • CPU Underfill that is resistant to physical and chemical shocks
  • High temperature protection
  • High-quality Built-in Microphone for Voice Recording
  • High-sensitivity three-axis acceleration sensor
  • Smart Emergency Back-up Battery
  • Automatic Parking Switch
  • Voice Guide
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Video In/Out
  • Video Input and Output Cables
  • Provided with Constant Power Supply
  • Up to 32GB MicroSD Card Supported
  • Specially Built PC Player

CPU Underfill that is resistant to physical and chemical shocks

By using insulated resin to completely fill the chip, this process prevents electrical migration due to dust or moisture.


Various recording modes

Continuous Recording
Start-up and driving the vehicle at the same time the whole process will be recorded and, if there is insufficient capacity from the beginning automatically delete the contents and to maintain permanent record to save.

Parking recording
During the parking even if some motion is detected on the camera and the after recognizes the images and before and after 15 seconds, total 30 seconds will be recorded automatically. When recording if continuously detects the movement recording will continue for one minute and if it detects impacts during parking recording it will automatically switch to the event recording.
Parking recording is always available when permanent power cable connection is connected.

Event Recording
With a high-performance 3-axis G sensors, such as sudden accelaration, sudden braking, sudden turn, if the impacts occurs based on the impacts before and after 15 seconds, total 30 seconds the event will be recorded automatically. As well as operation, when start-up the gas, or even parking the vehicle the shock is detected. As a high-performance sensor detects microscopic shaking event is recorded as a minor collision.

Manual recording
If user start the manual recording before and after 15 seconds, and toal 30 seconds is recorded.



Product Title 

Cowon Auto Capsule AD1 2 Ch Car Video DVR Camera Recorder Smart Power Set 



The main unit, the product holder, cigarette jack cable, microSD card, microSD card reader, video input and output cable, user instruction, two-side tape, constant power supply, cable organizing clip, rear-view camera (sold separately)






Two Megapixels CMOS Camera (Front), Three Hundred Thousand Pixels CMOS Camera (Rear)


1 Channel : 720p HD (1280x720)
2 Channel : 720p HD (Front, 1280x 720), 480p VGA (Rear, 640x480)


1 Channel : 30 fps
2 Channel : Front 20fps, Rear 10fps (Based on narrow angle of view)

Recording angle

150 diagonal / horizontal angle of 113.4 degrees / vertical angle 82 degree (standard lens)


Recording mode during driving

Continuous Recording / Manual recording / Event recording (Impact automatic recording)

Recording Mode during parking

Parking recording (Recording Mode during parking) / Event recording (Impact automatic recording)

Voice recording

Built-in Microphone

Video & Audio 

Video output

CVBS (Composite), Video In/Out

Video encoding

H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)

Audio encoding




2 channel


LED, Voice Guide

Product operation



Speaker, Microphone, MicroSD card slot



32GB MicroSD Card (Up to 32GB)


Rated voltage

DC 12V ~ 24V

Size / Weight 


102 x 38 x 38 mm (Front)


88 g (Front)