Amore Pacific Time Response Gel Creme

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Time Response Gel Creme

The lighter side of serious skincare.

With all of the same, powerful, age-transforming benefits of the original Time Response Crème, this newly introduced ultra light Gel Crème formula revives skin to a state of optimum health, diminishing wrinkles and other signs of time caused by environmental damage.

Key ingredients: Pure, anti-aging botanicals including nature's most potent antioxidant from Green Tea, EGCG, and six-year-old Korean Red Ginseng work in synergy to correct, protect and renew the skin. Nano Delivery Technology allows these healthy botanicals to penetrate to the skin's deepest layers for youthful transformation.

Benefits: Provides unprecedented anti-oxidant protection to discourage collagen and elastin degradation. Restores youthful contours, improves elasticity and reduces lines and wrinkles. Increases skin firmness, suppleness and resilience. 

How to Use: Using the miniature spatula, apply a small amount of creme to face. Gently massage with clean fingertips.

For best results: Apply in conjunction with NM Exclusive Time Response Pure Essence 100 Skin Renewal Serum.
About Amore Pacific:
More than 60 years ago, Amore Pacific founder Sung-Hwan Suh introduced his concept of harnessing the natural restorative powers of indigenous Asian botanicals to deliver a more healthy, youthful appearance. The Amore Pacific collection features treatments derived from plants such as bamboo, green tea and Korean red ginseng, which are harvested at peak times to capture the highest nutrient potency.